Photographers seeking to set up professional (not exclusively for personal purposes) photoshoots (based on the photographer’s equipment, behavior, attire, decorations, wedding dresses, etc.) have to have official approval.
If approval was not obtained, one must file an application at the reception desk, and only after the CEO approves it, one can continue shooting.
For more details, please call +7 931 905 29 20.
are not allowed to shoot commercially, if you have not obtained approval.


  1. Photoshoots are not to interfere with park works and guests enjoying leisure time.
  2. Cars shall be parked as instructed by security.
  3. The shooting location shall be approved in advance.
  4. The lawns, park, property and equipment shall remain intact. Damage, if any, shall be reimbursed by the offender.
  5. Photoshoots cost 1,000 RUB paid to the reception desk (receipt issued) per model (or two for weddings).
  6. The photographer shall send a link to at least 10 edited 300 ppi images uploaded to a file hosting service to
  7. The photographer may place the logo on the image, but he gives consent for their usage by the Altun Estate for marketing purposes.
  8. The photographer shall make a reference to the shooting location or mention the Altun Estate when posting the images.