Lord's wing ****

The hotel building "Lord's wing" was built next to the place where in the first half of the last century there was a palace palace destroyed during the Second World War.

House on the Lake ***

The building "House on the Lake" was erected on the spot where the destroyed summer house of the Lvovs stood. The architecture of the building was determined by the appearance of the old lost building, which can be judged from the only preserved photo.

Restaurant Ambar

As close as you can get to Scandinavian austerity, Moscow affluence and the mystery of a fairy tale, the restaurant's cuisine specializes in local products, including game, lake fish and products from our own farm.

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Здравствуйте, хочу поделится своим впечатлением об отдыхе в Имении Алтун,провели с женой незабываемые два …

Вадим и Валентина, 30.07.19

Уникальное место! Остановились в "Алтуне" на одну ночь, и очень не хотелось утром уезжать. Огромная …

Мария, 29.07.19


The new Altun Estate Hotel opened in the fall of 2011. The hotel’s first building stands on the site of one of the Soviet-era buildings, which was located very close to the Lvov family "palace" that was destroyed in 1944 within the territory of the manor's park.

Our hotel balances European comfort with the lifestyle of a Pskov manor. The wing of the Altun Estate Hotel offers comfortable lodging in 11 rooms.