Путеводитель по Псковской области


We also invite our guests to do more than just live in the old Altun Estate or cast a line in the pristine lake: we can help you see the best of what the area's cultural entertainment has to offer.

The sights of the Pskov oblast and Pushgora within a 60 km radius of the hotel “Imeniye Altun” (a one-hour drive) are sure to pique the interest of any traveler.

Only the ancient and stunning city of Pskov is located beyond this circle, 135 km away (an hour and a half drive).

We invite you to embark on a rich journey with us that can be tailored to your individual liking, dolling out experiences and emotions without making the trip just a whirlwind tour through Russia's heartland.

Emotions here come in all shapes and sizes: love and passion for Russia's national poet A. Pushkin, admiration for the gorgeous landscapes, sorrow over past times, a sense of pride in Russia's history, and amazement at what the world can sometimes show you... They play upon the most delicate chords of the Russian soul.

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