Virtual tour of Pushkinskie Gory

Virtual tour of Pushkinskie Gory

Shortly before the New Year holidays an amazing new tourist attraction opened to the public in Pushkinskiye Gory. A time machine was set into operation in the old Altun Estate that can take visitors into the fairytale atmosphere of the great manors of the end of the 19th century.

Our new Altun Estate app is currently the only large-scale virtual open-air museum in Russia designed with the use of augmented reality.

Now with just their tablets, tourists can see images of ancient buildings against snow-covered ruins. At one time Pskov oblast boasted some of the most magnificent and rich manor ensembles in the country. However, back in 1944 they were almost completely destroyed by the retreating German troops. Only recently modern technology has allowed researchers to recreate some of its most important elements.

Now guests of the estate can take a stroll around the fairytale manor once built in the fashionable pseudo-Gothic style, soak in the coach courtyard, enjoy the slow rotations of windmill blades, and of course, listen to curious stories of local life. A history of the famous Lvov family is accompanied by classical music.

In order to make this excursion more reliable and exciting, we studied a plethora of historical documents and rare illustrated materials from the archive depositories of the Novorzhev local history museum.