Туризм: экскурсии в Пушкинские горы и Псковской области


The treasures of Pskov and Pushkin’s Mikhaylovskoye Museum Reserve are just a stone’s throw from the Altun Estate. In order to save you from the hassle of planning your own trip, we are happy to help map your route and plan your excursions. The Reserve’s area features:

  • Mikhaylovskoye
  • Petrovskoye
  • Trigorskoye
  • The Svyatogorsky monastery
  • Bugrovo
  • Voronich and Savkina gorka
  • Vrev and Golubovo
  • Velye

Plus, in Pushkinskiye Gory guests can:

  • visit the Valunnye Ambary local history museum;
  • see original wooden sculptures and pictures that blend in seamlessly with the landscape in the Kordon-2 Artistic Laboratory, and if luck has it, also be spectator to the traditional August shows;
  • visit the S. Dovlatov museum (which unfortunately is closed for visitors, but the exterior still shows its overall historical shape);
  • visit Argus, the local zoo;
  • ride through Pushkin’s fields in the Argamak horse club.

With our guide, you will learn all about the history and architecture of the old manor of Altun, where the hotel is currently located, and visit the furthest corners of Pushkin’s stomping grounds and Pskov oblast.

We can also organize a mushroom gathering trip in the nearby Altun forest, and a tour through either the natural landscapes of Pushkinskiye Gory (which we are planning to build a Health Path across) or by the old railway line that cuts through many places of interest related to A. Pushkin’s name.

You can read more on this and other sites in our Travel Guide.