Reservation rules

1. You can reserve a room at any time that is convenient for you.
2. The hotel’s normal check-in time is 12 pm irrespective of your arrival or departure time. Check-out time: 2 pm
3. Your stay may be extended by 12 or 24 hours only if there are no reservations for the following day.
4. Reservation services are free of charge.
5. A deposit is required when reserving a room in order to guarantee your stay at Altun Estate. The deposit is the cost of one night’s stay and this deposit will be taken into account when calculating your final bill for hotel services.
6. In the event that a stay has not been guaranteed by deposit, the request may be cancelled in favor of the guaranteed reservation of another guest.
7. Guaranteed reservation allows a guest to arrive at any time on their paid check-in day.
8. In the event that a guaranteed reservation guest does not arrive on their check-in day, or a reservation is canceled less than three days before the check-in day, the payment for a single night’s stay will be retained by the hotel, after which the hotel administration has the right to withdraw the reservation.
9. The cost of a stay is calculated in Russian rubles.
10. Guests may pay for their reservation and stay by wire transfer, card or cash.
11. You can cancel a reservation.
12. If you cancel your reservation within three days, your deposit will be fully refunded.
13. Completing and sending a reservation request does not constitute the reservation of a place at the hotel. Upon receiving your reservation request our reception will check room availability for your preferred dates and will send you the confirmation of your room reservation.
14. The reservation confirmation includes: duration of stay, room type and total cost of your stay.
15. Companies paying for hotel services by cashless transfer must specify full company details. We would appreciate it if you could send a list of the guests coming to the hotel to our reservation department.
16. All guests must present documents which meet the requirements of the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation (document confirming your identity: Russian Federation passport for residents, birth certificate for minors, passport and valid migration card for foreign citizens).

Contact Information:
Altun Estate Hotel
Russian Federation, 182455, Altun Village, Novorzhevsky District, Pskov Region
Phone: (24-hour) +7 (81143) 9 71 18
Fax (24-hour): +7 (81143) 9 71 63
Mobile phone: +7 931 905 29 18 (Megafon)

By clicking “Reserve room” you agree to the Altun Estate room reservation rule.

Несколько номеров гостиницы «Имение Алтунъ» оборудованы каминами. Разумеется, камины здесь исключительно для уюта, ведь в здании поддерживается комфортная температура. Но так приятно вечерком посидеть у камина в своём номере и посмотреть на языки пламени, лижущие стекло топки...
Мы хотим позаботиться о Вашем здоровье и здоровье Ваших детей, приезжающих к нам на отдых, поэтому курение гостевых номерах нашего отеля строго запрещено.*.

*Администрация гостиницы «Имение Алтунъ» оставляет за собой право штрафовать гостей, которые нарушают правила проживания.