Your wedding day in Pushkinskiye Gory means a tender nostalgia for days past...

The Altun Estate perfectly retains the charming splendor of the 19th century, when the relations between two lovers preparing for marriage was surrounded by an air of elegant romanticism. Courting a lady implied much more than it does today; everything from behavior, presents and gestures followed elegantly complex conventions, yet still managed to express even the most subtle nuances of romantic feeling. Earning the reciprocal love of your soul mate and marrying for love, this is what people mean when they talk about cloud nine: pure happiness retains its truest form beyond the clutches of time! A wedding in Pushkinskiye Gory is sure to be full of subtle nuances, warmth and promises of happiness, sharing the party table with your family and your new relatives, getting to know each other better and coalescing into one big family. It is a dream come true, and is nowhere easier achieved than at the Altun Estate.

And let’s not forget the best part: planning for the wedding ceremony! We look forward to hearing more about your plans, tastes, preferred style, number of guests and anyone staying overnight in our lovely hotel “Imeniye Altun” hotel.

Our hotel offers a grand suite for newlyweds (offered as a wedding present when the entire hotel and restaurant are booked for a wedding banquet), while the couple’s closest guests from 20 (the most comfortable accommodation) to 34 (with extra couches) are able to stay comfortably in the other rooms of our boutique-holet “Imeniye Altun” hotel. Our restaurant “BARn under Oaks” can manage wedding banquets up to 100 persons.

We also pride ourselves on creating individual wedding ceremony styles and can help organize:

  • wedding ceremonies and church weddings in Pushkinskiye Gory;
  • on-site marriage registration in Pushkinskiye Gory;
  • wedding banquets on the Altun Estate park’s lush green lawn under two-hundred-year-old trees;
  • the master of ceremonies, musical entertainment, as well as a full-fledged live concert for the most important event of your life;
  • a private wedding photoshoot inside the hotel, in the old park or in the arbor near Altun lake;
  • help capturing the moment when the newlyweds are strolling through the alley of oaks or coming back from Altun lake;
  • a festive guest procession walking up to meet the newlyweds;
  • traditional rites: “tying the marriage knot,” the bride’s farewell with traditional songs from Pskov;
  • outdoor dance floor with music of your choice;
  • hot-air ballooning if weather permits;
  • professional Moscow-style fireworks no matter how complex.

For more details on planning your wedding at Pushkinskiye Gory, please contact our wedding consultant Tatiana at: +7 921 001 89 51.