Manor complex "The Manor of Altun" still stores the romantic chic of the 19th century, when the relationship of lovers and those preparing to create a family was characterized by elegant romanticism. It was much more difficult to take care of a lady than in our times, all actions, gifts, gestures had their own refined conventions and expressed even shades of feelings. To achieve reciprocity, to combine a marriage for love - is this not the height of bliss, is not this happiness, as then, and now! A wedding in a manor in the Pushkin Mountains, full of little nuances of mutual warmth and promises of future happiness, the joy of sharing a festive exquisite table with your relatives and your new relatives, the opportunity to get to know each other closer and become a big family in our romantic estate - a dream that can be performed in "The estate of Altun."

All the nuances of organizing a wedding in the Pushkin Mountains you can discuss with our wedding consultant Tatiana by phone +7 921 001 89 51


It is best to prepare for the wedding celebration in advance, to tell our specialists about your plans, about tastes and style of celebrations, to count the number of guests and those who stay with an overnight stay in the nice manor hotel "Estate Altun".

Our hotel can currently accommodate newlyweds in the bar suite (which we present as a wedding gift to young people when ordering the entire hotel and restaurant for a wedding banquet), and their most expensive guests in the amount of 20 (the most comfortable option) to 34 people (with use of extra beds on the sofas in the rooms) in other rooms of the boutique hotel "Imeniya Altun". At the same time, the restaurant hall "AmBar under the oaks" accepts wedding banquets for up to 100 people.

In addition, we offer to create your own script and help you organize:

  • Wedding ceremony and wedding in the Pushkin Mountains
  • exit registration of marriage in the Pushkin Mountains
  • wedding banquet on the green lawn carpet under the 200-year-old trees of the park "Imeniya Altun"
  • not only to the toastmaster, musical groups, but also a real concert for your most important event in life
  • private wedding photo session in the interiors of the hotel, against the backdrop of an old park, or in a gazebo by Lake Altun
  • To capture the moment of arrival of young people along the main oak alley or from the side of Lake Altun
  • solemn procession of guests for the meeting of a young couple
  • traditional rituals: "tying marriage bonds", farewell to the bride ritual songs of the Pskov traditions
  • a disco in the open air with artists of your choice
  • hot air balloon flights in suitable weather conditions
  • professional capital fireworks of any complexity