A banquet in the manor complex "The Manor of Altun" is a great way not only to walk on a wide foot, but also to show your taste, elegance and care for your guests!

The farmstead has various areas, you can pick them yourself with our help. Depending on the season, the weather and the grandeur of the celebration, we are ready to offer outdoor terraces, a park tent for a large party or concert, a restaurant hall or a meadow in a manor park under two hundred-year-old oaks and elms.

What can you please the restaurant kitchen? Your task is to contain our fantasies and opportunities, so that the occasion for the holiday does not go to the background, and the first did not come out the goal to sacrifice themselves to gastronomic pleasures.

To manage all the components of the banquet painstakingly and effectively, our experts will take everything under their professional control - you can trust them, because not for nothing our guests come back to us again and again, literally coming up with the reasons for the next celebration!

Call, write, use all contacts to have time to "stake out" the necessary dates for your banquet!